Customer Raves


Just needed to tell you thank you for such an amazing time. You are now one of my treasures!!! My memories of our Costa Rica trip lack only the wish that it could have been a longer trip.
I can't begin to even tell you how amazed I was with everything in Costa Rica.
You made our trip not only truly memorable, but even as we were driving home, I couldn't help but to be sad to have left.
You introduced us to wonderful, beautiful people, beautimous places, and awesome food.
I can't speak for Ellen, but I can speak for myself - I am truly looking forward to the next time going to Costa Rica with you.
In the short time we were there, I feel as if we barely scratched the surface, and yet knowing that I took over 1100 photos, I can't help but wonder where our next journey will take us.
I am looking forward to it already - and yes - the gifts that I got for Ryan were a great hit with him. 
Robin - aka: Louise

What a Great Vacation!
My friend and I wanted to visit Costa Rica. We were a little nervous about not speaking the language and about getting from place to place. worries with Elaine as our guide! Elaine is available through her website She handled everything, transportation, communication, tours…. no problem. She gave us great tips and advice on getting the most out of our trip. She got us out of the airport in a flash. It was great to not be the bewildered tourist we saw so many of.
We spent the first night in San Jose in a very nice hotel and went out to a top notch dinner. The next day we were off to the beach town of Montezuma for a few days. This was a long haul. Elaine handled the shuttle, the transfers to the ferry and the transfers to the new shuttle. I would have been overwhelmed on my own. As soon as we were picked up in the little Montezuma town center in a Hummer and driven off-road and onto the beach to get to our hotel, I knew Elaine had chosen a winner. The Ylang Ylang was set in a remote and tropical location. The grounds were beautiful and jungle like with boardwalks twisting throughout. The area was full of animal life. The only things separating our rooms from the beach were a small path and palms strung with a hammock, which I made good use of. The dining area was open air and looked out at the ocean and the food was fantastic. The staff was super friendly and helpful and most spoke English. We could even drink the water there!
We spent the next few nights in the mountains of Alajuela at the Buena Vista. Elaine chose this place for its proximity to the airport and for ease of access to the tours we wanted to take. The view of the lights of San Jose below us was amazing at night. The daytime view of the mountains and coffee plantations was equally stunning. The staff was again very friendly and helpful. Elaine chose another winner.
I can't say enough good things about Elaine and the enjoyment factor she added to our trip. She was there when we needed her and left us to ourselves when we didn't. We really enjoyed her company as well as her expertise. Her hotel and dining recommendations were right on. She even found me a doctor on a trip to the hot springs at Tabacon when I got sick from drinking the water. (Yes, she told me not to but I thought I knew better.) If you want structure to your trip, she will give it to you. If you want spontaneity, you've got it. I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to hire her as your guide while she is still affordable!
I'll be going again.
Most sincerely,
Cynthia Baldwin
PS: Feel free to contact me with any questions! 

This was taken at Hotel Buena Vista near Alajuela, Costa Rica with Cynthia Baldwin (left) and me on a fantastic tour.  We visited the Arenal Volcano, Tabacon Springs and the beaches.