Travel Tips 

I always wear a money belt. Don't carry all your money in one place.  If something happens, you can rely on other sources.  Write down all your credit card numbers and expiration dates and numbers to call of all the cards that you travel with in case they are stolen.  I always carry 1 credit card.  I always try to pay as much of my trip before I arrive, so I carry less cash.

Always have your luggage in your view. I always carry a backpack with one set of clean clothes in case my luggage is lost or misplaced by the airlines. Never ask a stranger to watch your luggage for you.   Be aware if someone tries to distract you, it could be a couple trying to grab your bags while you are talking.   
One safe way to make sure your luggage arrives with you is to only pack what you can carry on.

If checking your luggage, make sure you mark your bags with something distinct so you can point it out from all the rest. 
Be especially aware while in the airport, most of the professionals work the weary tourists that are arriving, knowing that the tourists are very vulnerable.
Always take the airport taxis or already have scheduled your pickup for your trip to your hotel.    Try to have your reservations for your hotel near the airport.  Remember you will be tired from your flight and you will not want to travel another 45 minutes to an hour to your hotel.

Just use good judgment and you will have a wonderful, fun filled vacation full of memories.

I have found in my years of traveling Costa Rica that the people there are very nice and friendly and over the years I have made some very good friends.

I would like to share with you why I started my specialty business, COSTA RICA IN NATURE.
I started touring  Costa Rica 17  years ago, traveling all over this beautiful country. I would visit different parts and stay in different hotels.  I wanted to see what different places offered. 

I love being in nature and doing all the different tours.  I especially like the rafting tours and the botanical gardens.  I can honestly say that I have enjoyed all the tours. Each one has it own special appeal.  I realized that there is something for all ages.  I especially like the butterfly farms.  One can be  surrounded by many different color butterflies.   What an awesome experience to see different species of  butterflies in one place.

When I was traveling all over the country, I was always helping other travelers choose different tours, hotels, transportation.  It was then that I decided to start my business.  I really love traveling and sharing my experiences that I have had while touring  Costa Rica.  I know you will fall in love with this country as I have.  Many of my guests have found if difficult to leave.
You will have a great time and what you spend here will help their economy.  Everyone wins.

I am currently between Jacksonville, Florida and La Fortuna, Costa Rica.  I help people who are looking to retire in Costa Rica.  I can help with anyone thinking about buying or renting abroad.  I know all the areas in this country and how to get around, so keep this in mind and please share this with any of your friends.

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